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MSc Psychology

Expand your mind and career prospects by gaining a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited master’s degree in Psychology.

The MSc Psychology programme offers an opportunity for students from other disciplines to convert their existing qualifications and learning to an award that meets the requirements for Graduate Basis of Chartership with the British Psychological Society (GBC). GBC is essential for students’ development as psychologists.

UOL’s qualifications are designed to guide you in the construction of knowledge of the central features within the discipline of psychology, which will enable you to put principles into effect in a variety of settings including research, practice, and the interface of applied research. The experience and skills developed will also be appreciated by employers in a wide range of professions outside of the field of psychology.

30 months

Programme Duration


Programme Fee

May & Oct 2023

Upcoming Enrolments

100% Online, Part-Time

Study Mode

With Graduate Basis of Chartership with the British Psychological Society (GBC), students are eligible to be admitted to train in the domains of Clinical or Clinical Neuropsychology, Counselling, Educational Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports and Exercise Psychology or Occupational Psychology.

The scientific aspects of the course, including the application of a reasoned approach, problem solving and manipulation of data, provide useful tools for careers in healthcare, law enforcement, finance, IT and research. While the understanding about human behaviour and motivation, ability to critically analyse a problem, formulate a considered response, create an argument and generate new ideas, lend themselves well to careers in the creative industries, the legal sector, government administration and education.

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